Form 1120S

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What is the form 1120S?

This is the form for the S-Corporation tax return. With accurate bookkeeping, preparing Form 1120S is easy. You will need the following basic information:

a complete set of financial statements: Income Statement & Balance Sheet,
a complete transaction history and summary statement of each shareholder’s capital accounts,
tax software that prepares 1120S tax returns.
complete information about each shareholder: name, address, and SSN.

In addition, you may want or need additional financial records, such as:

payroll tax returns,
copies of W2 statements,
sales tax returns,
transaction details of federal, state, and local taxes paid.

The deadline for filing Form 1120S is March 15th, or the 15th day of the third month following the end of the corporation’s tax year. You can obtain the correct forms here:

Instructions for Form 1120s

Form 1120s

Form 7004


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