What can I do about a breach of verbal contract in Queensland?

Verbal contracts are usually binding in Queensland as long as the following criteria are met:

an offer made and accepted:
an agreement about all the essential features of the contract:
Your agreement should include all the important things you want in a contract. Some examples are:
the purchase or sale price of the item
the description of the item being sold or bought
the due dates for payment.
consideration – this means that you and each person entering the contract must promise to do something or give something of value and:
an intention to create the contract:
If the contract is between you and friends or relatives, it can sometimes be difficult to show the intention to have the arrangements as a legally binding agreement, that is a contract. But in a commercial or consumer deal it is easy to confirm the intention to create the contract.
If you can show that there was an intention to create the legal agreement, then the arrangement can be a legally binding contract.

The remedies for a breach of contract are

This means that the other party can sue for breach of contact and in some cases the contract can be ended. If a person successfully sues for breach of contract they may be able to get money paid in compensation for any loss they have suffered (this is called damages). In some rare cases you they may be forced to do what you were supposed to do under the contract (in this case pay the money). This is called specific performance.

In some contracts, there may be something written about other remedies that may be available. A remedy is the thing that compensates a person for a breach of their legal rights e.g. damages, injunctions.

In Queensland there is also a 6 year time limit on taking action for breach of contract. I hope that this information helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.


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