What can happen when an employment contract ends?

Normally, you would expect that so long as you perform the duties and obligations set out in the contract satisfactorily, the company must honour its agreement to employ you under the conditions set out in the contract. As long as there is nothing in the contract which precludes you from seeking employment subsequent to the contract period, you are free to seek other employment after the contract period as long as you continue to honour the bargain set out under the contract. Presumably, the contract gives some indication of the duties, responsibilities and performance outcomes which you are expected to achieve in the course of the completion of the contract. So the short answer to your question is yes, if there are no reducndancy provisions in your contract you will not receive any redundancy benefits, but on the basis of the law, you can expect that your full renumeration will be paid. If this doesn’t occur, the company would be liable to a claim of breach of contract.


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