Legal Resources

Inof information is avialable on allthere types of resources from the follwing source:

Law Internet Resources

By country

Australian Law (Texts of legislation; Court decisions and major legal organisations)

Asian Law

Canadian Law

European Law

New Zealand Law

Pacific Law

United Kingdom Law

United States Law

Law from other countries and regions

By subject

Administrative Law (including Freedom of Information; Migration)

Business Law (including Consumer Law; Corporate Law; E-commerce)

Civil and Human Rights Law (including Bill of Rights; Censorship; Discrimination;

Privacy; Rights of Children; State of Emergency)

Communications and Media Law

Constitutional Law

Criminal Law (including Firearms; Mandatory Sentencing)

Employment Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Health Law
Identity Cards (E-Brief)
Indigenous Peoples and the Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Legal Profession and the Courts (including Cross vesting; Judges; Women and the Law)
Military Law
Nuclear Energy Law
Sedition Law (E-Brief)
Statute Law (Legislative drafting; Bills procedures; Delegated legislation and Disallowance procedures; Statutory Interpretation; Plain English Drafting)
Tax Law
Terrorism Law
Transport Law
Welfare Law (including Social Security Law; Legal Aid)
Workchoices Reform


Administrative Arrangements Orders
Index to Explanatory Memoranda 1901-82
Royal Commissions


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